Summer Fedora Hats

Summer Fedora Hats

Our collection of summer hats for women are lightweight and designed to be worn throughout the warmer months. The Aldeburgh and Orford Fedoras are the same hat shape but differ in terms of coloured ribbon trims or feathers used. The Hemley is our wider brimmed style, offering even more protection from the sun.

Keep your head protected from the heat whilst adding a touch of elegant style to your outfit with our range of summer hats for women. Crafted from lightweight paper straw, these summer fedoras are perfect for milling around the garden, sunning on the beach or for those gentle walks in the sunshine.

If you adore our Suffolk Fedora, you’ll be pleased to know that the Aldeburgh is the lighter version and is even hand-finished with the same iconic Guinea and Pheasant feathers for that effortless country look. Our Hemley straw fedora on the other hand is the summer version of the Oxley and features a wider brim to offer even more protection from the sun.

All of the women's summer hats in our range come in a selection of neutral colours, ideal for the warmer months. Additionally, there are a variety of hat band hues to choose from including understated black and browns and vibrant sages and corals, so there’s an option that’ll suit every outfit and occasion.

Women’s summer hat FAQs

How do I choose a summer hat for my face shape?

If you have a heart-shaped face, choose a fedora or boater-style hat with a structured brim and contrasting band as this will draw the focus upwards and away from a pointier chin. For longer faces, go for a wider hat like our Hemley as this will make your face appear wider and less narrow. Square face shapes look stunning when paired with a fedora as it will soften the appearance of sharper and angular jaws. If you have a wider, rounder face, opt for a hat with an oversized brim as it’ll make it seem smaller and more elongated.

Does a straw hat keep you cool?

Yes, straw hats can help to keep you cooler in the summer heat as they can absorb moisture quickly and the round brim will keep the hot sun off your head, neck and shoulders.

Do straw hats protect from the sun?

A straw hat will keep your head protected from the infrared rays of sun, this not only helps to keep you cooler but will also reduce the risk of sunstroke and heat headaches.

What is a summer fedora?

Our summer fedoras differ from our regular options as they’re made from paper straw, offering a much lighter and cooler option. Some of our summer fedoras also feature a wider brim which provides fantastic protection against the sun’s rays.

What colour hat is best for summer?

Lighter-coloured hats such as cream or beige will reflect the heat from the sun and will offer good protection. Darker colours on the other hand will absorb more of the sun’s harmful rays which may make them more suitable for certain outdoor activities that involve longer periods spent outside.