It’s essential to look after your hat to keep it looking its best year after year. Whether you’re cleaning or topping up on your garment’s waterproof protection, we have all the hat care products you need to keep your favourite accessory in tip-top condition.

Not only should you clean your hat on a regular basis, but you should also make sure you’re treating it afterwards with a hat protector spray. We have hat care products such as sprays to provide a water-resistant protective layer to your favourite fedora which will ensure it’s ready for those days of unpredictable weather. Incredibly simple to use, all you need to do is clean your hat and dry it away from direct sunlight, then once it’s fully dry, spray evenly around 10 – 15cm away, ensuring to wet everywhere for even coverage.

For more hat care products that will ensure your garment stands the test of time, browse our collection of hat boxes. These are ideal for storing your hat away when it’s not in use to protect against dust and damage.