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How to Store Hats: 5 Simple Ideas

How to Store Hats: 5 Simple Ideas

Knowing how to store a hat properly is essential in keeping it in the best possible condition. Not only does it protect it from damage and getting crushed, but it will also reduce the amount of time you’ll need to spend cleaning by preventing dirt and dust build-up. 

In this blog, we look at the different ways to store hats and provide options for all types of living spaces, including compact solutions and ways you can showcase and make a statement with your collection. 

How to store hats in 5 easy ways

Whether you’ve got a prized collection of hats or a few essentials you wear on a daily basis, here are our top ideas for storing them.

1.     Hat boxes

Putting your hats in a box is one of the best ways to store them and protect them against dust and fading. It can also help to prevent crushing which is an important consideration when storing hats like fedoras to keep their structure intact. 

If your hat came with a box when you bought it, you can easily repurpose this box for storage, or you can buy them, just make sure you measure your hat beforehand to make sure it’s a good fit. As a space saving idea, you can purchase a hat box that’s the size of your largest hat and then use this to store several hats of a similar shape, safely nested inside of each other.

When using a hat box, it’s vital to place your hat upside down with the crown facing down and the brim up as this will help to preserve the shape.


2.     Wall hooks and hangers

Storing hats on wall hooks or hangers is a popular choice as they’re practical and allow for quick and easy access and they’re a great way to show off your collection too. This is a great idea for those essential hats you wear on a daily basis but may not be the best option for those you seldom wear as they’ll quickly gather dust. Instead, place the in-season hats you’re currently wearing on the hangers and put the others safely tucked away in a hat box.

When selecting your wall hooks, choose ones with curved wide tips as these are more balanced and will put less focused pressure on one part of your hat and will help to preserve the shape of the crown. Always make sure you place your hangers and hooks away from windows that get direct sunlight as this will prevent fading and sun damage.


3.     Hat moulds and stands

If you’ve got an extra special piece you’d like to make a statement of, a hat mould or stand will be a great way to make a focal point and draw attention to your hat. As an added benefit, moulds have a rounded top and can help to preserve the shape of your hat when it’s not in use. There are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing moulds and stands including more simplistic wire frames, mannequin heads and classic wooden milliners hat blocks.


4.     Over the door hangers

For smaller, everyday hats, using over the door hangers can be an ideal space-saving option. This storage solution can be easily placed inside closets or bedroom doors and allow for easy access and can help to prevent crush damage. However, this may not be the best option for more expensive hats or those with appliques as they’ll easily gather dust and may become damaged as a result of clothes brushing up against them in a closet.


5.     Drawers

Storing your hats in a drawer is a good solution if you need to access them regularly but don’t like the idea of them being on display. Drawers are particularly suitable for those fragile hats or those with appliques that may get damaged when stored in different ways. We recommend getting some inserts to break up the space in your drawers as these will prevent your hats from getting crushed by other items. Don’t forget to measure your drawers and hats to ensure they’ll fit and won’t get damaged when opening and closing.

Now you know how to store hats to keep them in tip-top condition! Looking for more hat care advice? Learn how to care for wool felt hats next.