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Guest Blog by @mamasparrowblog: Hats and Short Hair

Guest Blog by @mamasparrowblog: Hats and Short Hair

Hats and short hair. Is it a ‘never the twain shall meet’ situation? I always used to think that with myself. I believed that I needed my hair to balance out my teeny tiny head, which would probably look smaller in a hat. I stuck with this belief until, when on a whim, I cut all my hair off and was faced with a dilemma. I had all these hats and no hair to balance my head. Did I forgo adornment or learn to love it?

Well, the good news is, that I learnt to love it, and came to the realisation, that you don’t have to have flowing locks to rock a hat.

Sadly I don’t think I am alone in my previous assumptions, so when browsing online, most hat models do indeed have gorgeous manes. However for those in the population that don’t, this post if for you. I bring you three different styles showing you that not only can you wear the hat, you can love the look too.

Colour that packs a punch- The Oxley Fedora in Berry

Wearing a hat needn’t be a serious business. A hat is a statement so have fun with it! Here I’ve pared this gorgeous berry hat with a headscarf. The scarf hides those short hairs that can’t be tamed, whist drawing the eye and really adding to the look. Experiment with different colours and even lengths of headscarves and likewise with different coloured hats. You can find the Oxley collection here.

Small and sweet- The Orford Fedora

The Orford fedora is my go to. If I can only take one hat, then I take this one. With the smaller brim it makes it slightly more understated and has the ability to go with everything. It’s the perfect companion to your casual wardrobe, from day dresses to jeans. I tend to wear mine straight and simply pop it on my head. The small brim means that hair and head are perfectly balanced, I’d try this hat first if you have short hair or a smaller head. Find the Orford fedoras here.

Big brimmed beauty- The Hemley Fedora in Cream

For dressy occasions, I will always use my Hemley fedora. With the wide brim it captures just the right amount of drama needed for beautiful dresses and big events. Be it a garden party, or a relaxed wedding, the Hemley is just what you need.

I find with my short look, I don’t have the hair to balance out the brim, so I do the balancing with my clothes and accessories. Think puffed sleeves and long skirts or wide shoulders and wide leg trousers. Where with the other hats I don’t mind smaller earrings, but with the Hemley I tend to go big and bold, again to balance the lack of hair with the brim of the hat; the last thing you want to do is look like you have a pin head. If you fancy trying your own Hemley, you can buy them here.

I hope that this post is of some use to all those short haired beauties among us, and gives you the confidence to wear the hat of your choice. Hicks & Brown are at Burghley Horse Trials from Thursday 1st September - Sunday 4th September, so if you’re lucky enough to be there, go to their stall and try on some of their wonderful hats for yourself.

All the best,

N x