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What to Wear to Chelsea Flower Show

What to Wear to Chelsea Flower Show

The Royal Chelsea Flower Show returns and graces the glorious grounds of the historic Royal Hospital Chelsea this week, the show features over 30 gardens to explore with plenty of stunning displays and designs themed around new season florals.

If you’re thinking about heading to the wonderful event this year, you may be wondering about what to wear to Chelsea Flower Show and how you can ensure you’re dressing to impress. Keep reading for our top tips. 

Is there a dress code for The Royal Chelsea Flower Show?

There’s no official dress code for The Royal Chelsea Flower Show but looking your best is encouraged. After all, members of the royal family and celebrities are often in attendance, so you’ll want to dress to impress. 

What to wear to Chelsea Flower Show

Before you start planning your outfit, it’s worth noting that most of the event takes place outdoors so it’s always worth checking the forecast first and having a couple of options in case the weather changes quickly. As you well know, Springtime can be a little unpredictable in the UK, so we recommend choosing an outfit that you can easily layer. A pack away mac may also come in handy or have a small umbrella you can store in your bag if the weather is showery.

What to wear for women

If you’re wondering what to wear to the Chelsea Flower Show for women, day dresses, skirts or trouser suits are all good choices. For sunnier weather, choose a floaty day dress donned with floral prints or a maxi or midi skirt in a bright, summery hue with a breezy blouse to keep you cool. If the weather’s a little chillier, go for a trouser suit either in a bold colour such as deep emerald green or one that features botanical prints to really get in the spirit of the event.

When it comes to shoes, remember that the majority of the event is on grass so those sky-high heels may not be the best choice. Instead, go for a comfortable flat shoe that you can walk in for hours without getting blisters or a chunky wedge heel.

As you’ll likely be at the event all day, take a stylish bag to keep essentials such as a water bottle and sun cream and to pop any leaflets or plant lists you may want to hold on to. A cross body bag is a good choice as this will ensure that your hands are kept free for shopping and sipping on champagne.

Whether the weather’s raining or shining, a hat can perfectly finish off your look. Fascinators are too formal for the event and it’s good manners not to wear an overly large hat which may block the view of the gardens. In the sun is shining, our summer hats will protect your head from the heat and offer you relief from the harsh rays of the sun, all whilst tying your outfit together. For brighter or patterned outfits, choose one of our lighter weight summer hats in a neutral shade such as cream or natural, or go for a hat that features a ribbon in a bright hue such as dusky pink or cornflower blue to brighten up a plainer outfit. 

What to wear for men

For men, what to wear to Chelsea Flower Show usually consists of smart casual attire. Three-piece suits are generally a little too formal and may also be too warm for the unpredictable springtime weather. Instead, choose a polo shirt in a lighter colour such as pale pink or white or truly embrace the event and opt for a smart shirt with a floral print. For your bottom half, chinos or linen trousers in a natural shade are good choices as these are lighter and comfortable for wearing all day.

Popular shoes to wear to the event are brogues, deck shoes or smart boots. Remember, as we said before, the event is all outside and there will be a lot of walking involved, so don’t choose any shoes that will likely give you blisters or sore feet. 

Finish your outfit with a stylish fedora to keep the sun off your head, or if the weather’s hit and miss, go for a wax baker boy which will keep you dry and the sun out your eyes if it’s showery with sunny spells.

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