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Planting trees with Ecologi and five other ways we’re making positive progress

As sisters who grew up on a farm in the wilds of Suffolk, we’ve always been immersed in nature. As children we spent our days running through fields and climbing trees in the nearby forests, so wanting to respect and protect the natural world has always felt instinctive for us. When our business... View Post

How to Wear a Hat to a Wedding: Tips & Advice

When the warmer days and longer nights start rolling in, wedding season gets into full swing. It’s an exciting time full of merriment, new beginnings and of course, a new outfit is absolutely essential for marking the occasion. When you’re busy picking out your wedding ensembles, you may think ab... View Post

How to Store Hats: 5 Simple Ideas

Knowing how to store a hat properly is essential in keeping it in the best possible condition. Not only does it protect it from damage and getting crushed, but it will also reduce the amount of time you’ll need to spend cleaning by preventing dirt and dust build-up.  In this blog, we look at the ... View Post