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12 of Our Famous Hats Worn by Celebrities

Hats really are a must have accessory, they add the perfect finishing touch to just about any outfit and can often pull a whole look together. We’re not alone in this thought either, we’re delighted so say that some of our favourite celebrities and notable people are often spotted wearing our hat... View Post

Summer hats for every event and any adventure

With bank holidays and bursts of sunshine now upon us, a season of outdoor events is calling. And whether you have a barbecue, holiday or wedding on the horizon, a warm-weather fedora makes the perfect plus-one. Not only is it an effortless way to elevate an outfit, alongside sunscreen and a tru... View Post

Trilby Hat Vs Fedora: What's the Difference?

The trilby and fedora are two hats which are often mistaken for one another. To the untrained eye, it’s easy to see why as they boast many similarities in looks, not to mention their origins are also quite similar too. If you’re wondering about the difference between trilby and fedora hats, keep ... View Post