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Arriving now: Our new knitwear range!

Arriving now: Our new knitwear range!

Get ready for cooler days and country strolls with our new collection of soft wool accessories.  

There really is nothing like the frosty mornings and bright winter sunshine to remind us of how magical the British countryside can be. In many ways it’s when our woodlands come alive in new colour palettes that go from greens to golds to russets and reds and make us fall under nature’s spell once again. 

This season we wanted to create something warming and effortlessly stylish to get you in the mood for crisp, cooler days. So, we’re excited to launch our first knitwear range.

The Knitwear Collection

Taking inspiration from the natural world we’ve created a knitwear range of five unique soft-wool styles; the Langham Pom Beanie, the Norton Rib Beanie, the Bircham Headband, Kersey Wrist Warmers and the Burwell Scarf. Each style comes in a one-size-fits-all unisex approach, so they’re easy to shop and great to gift! And every design is finished with our signature Hicks & Brown bird pin.

In terms of feeling cosy and comfortable, all of our knitwear is crafted from a soft mix of 77% Polyester, 14% Acrylic, 6% Wool and 3% Elastane. And for each design, there are four versatile shades; a cool Airforce Blue, a beautifully simple Oatmeal, a chic Walnut – and a fresh Mint shade range will arrive in November.

The Langham Pom Beanie

When it comes to cold weather hats, a pom-style beanie is a true classic and a fashion favourite. With its chic ribbed-knit detailing and super soft faux-fur pom, the Langham is stylish and snug.

Styling tip

Wear the Langham with…. Jeans, a cosy jumper and trainers for an effortlessly stylish daywear look.

The Norton Rib Beanie 

The Norton is a versatile ribbed design, evocative of the classic Fisherman’s beanie. It’s beautifully simple and easy to wear for men and women. It’s also fairly compact, so can fold and fit into a large jacket pocket.

Styling tip

Wear the Norton with…A wax jacket or parka with jeans or cargo pants and chunky-sole boots for Sunday walks. 

The Bircham Headband

With its fleece lining, the Bircham is cosy, practical and versatile. It adds a finishing touch to any outfit and is perfect for keeping your hair away from your face. The Airforce Blue and Mint styles complement blonde or red hair, while the Oatmeal and Walnut styles look great on darker hair shades.

Styling tip

Wear the Bircham with…A roll neck jumper for a chic look, it also adds a sleek look to skiwear. 

The Burwell Scarf

On frosty winter mornings, nothing feels nicer than wrapping yourself up in a soft, cocooning wool scarf and with the Burwell’s length (127cm long, 30cm wide) it can be double wrapped for extra warmth.

Styling tip

Wear the Burwell with…a trench coat and fedora for the perfect finishing touch.

Kersey Wrist warmers

As colder weather sets in, these soft wrist warmers will keep your hands cosy and feel comforting next to your skin. They also offer a cool, unique finishing touch to any outfit.

Styling tip

Wear the Kersey Wrist Warmers with …the same shade Burwell Scarf for an elegant, co-ordinated look.