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The Baker Boy cap

The Baker Boy cap

The Baker Boy cap is a great way to keep you warm and stylish through the Autumn and Winter months. The hat – a descendant of the age-old flat cap – is as much classy as it is comfortable and versatile.

Originally a hat that was most commonly worn by working-class males in the late 1800s and early 1900s, this timeless piece of headwear is now a fashion staple that can be worn by anyone and best of all, it can be dressed up or down to suit whatever the occasion!

What is a Baker Boy cap?

A Baker Boy cap has a rounded and puffy crown with a small stiff brim.  It generally comes with eight panels that are sewn together from the peak of the crown and it is most often topped with a decorative button.

Although Baker Boy caps can often be confused with the flat cap, it is their baggier crown that makes them distinguishable. The flat cap has larger panels that are sewn tautly from the back. This gives them less of the ‘poof’ that you see in the Baker Boy cap.

These days, Baker Boy caps are made with many different types of materials. Here at Hicks and Brown, our caps are made with British tweed and waxed cotton.

Where did the Baker Boy cap originate?

The hat’s humble beginnings date back to the Elizabethan era, when in 1571, a law was passed imposing a three farthing fine on any working-class male not wearing a woollen hat on Sundays or the high holidays.

Why? After a period of huge deflation and currency created problems, the queen sought to stimulate the British and Irish wool trade which was in decline. From here, the hat became a staple of the Irish and British working class and it maintained its popularity over three hundred years later. 

The Baker Boy’s signature style that we know and love today debuted once again in late 19th century Europe, following a surge in popularity amongst working class men. It was later adopted by the upper class where it was used in gentlemen sports like shooting and hunting. Since then, it has become a timeless and versatile accessory that can be dressed up or down to suit whatever the occasion. You’ll often see royals and celebrities wearing the hat.  

What is the difference between a Baker Boy cap and a news boy cap?

Despite its name, the Baker Boy cap wasn’t typically worn by bakers, however, it was worn by males in many other trades including dock workers, shipwrights and even bandits.

By the early twentieth century, it had become synonymous with the news-stand boy earning the hat it’s alias: “the newsboy cap”. Nowadays, you’ll find both names are used intermittently.

Choosing your Baker Boy cap

The Baker boy is a versatile hat that can be worn both casually and formally so think about when and where you’ll be wearing it. As a rule of thumb, the cap shouldn’t match too closely to the rest of your outfit so look for colours and patterns that won’t clash with your regular wears.

Our Felsham Baker Boy caps look as at home striding through the town as they do roaming through the country side. These British tweed hats come with a quilted satin lining and feature our signature removable bird pin badge.

For those who are more acquainted to spending time out in nature, the Hengrave is an ideal choice. These wax cotton caps come in Olive and Navy making them easy to pair with most wardrobe staples.

Gifting a Hicks and Brown Baker Boy Cap?

Hicks and Brown hats are the perfect choice of gift for any special occasion. 

Our Baker Boy caps will suit most head-types but they are best suited to oval and heart-shaped faces. When choosing as a gift, think about what your gift recipient mainly wears – do they often where dark colours? If so, opt for a colour that will suit those colours.

For dark haired recipients, opt for warm colours like olives and browns. For those with lighter hair, a navy colour cap might be a better option.

If you know your gift recipients hat size then great, you can find our hat sizing guidelines here. If you do need to guess then opt for a bigger size – you can always add a hat re-sizer to your purchase in case. Alternatively, you can find details on our returns and exchanges here. Happy hat hunting!